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Our unconventional approach to our industry helped us carve out a new category we call Social Direct selling. It led us down a new path to help anyone interested in becoming a customer or a consultant more easily share what we had to offer.

EVIE (Pronounced EEVIE) is our Virtual Intelligence app, designed to do the heavy lifting for you. EVIE is a platform for social sharing. Through EVIE every prospect is contacted, nurtured, and educated about the possibilities with our product and our organization. She treats every single contact the same way. Everyone is as important as the next. From the first connection through the entire text-based conversation, EVIE is the coach, mentor, and facilitator of every interaction. And, all you have to do is put in a name and a phone number.

There has never been anything like quite like EVIE. What makes her special, you wonder?

EVIE has no equal in the industry. She is special because she:

      • Levels and equalizes the playing field
      • Offers the same opportunity for success to everyone
      • Allows everyone to build a business through device-based sharing
      • Helps nurture, educate, and follow-up with every prospect

If having face to face meetings is not your thing. EVIE has you covered. If you aren’t sure where to start, she gives you a perfectly simple, frictionless platform to connect with your contacts without the anxiety of possible rejection. Sometimes, all we need is a little help to get the ball rolling. EVIE does just that. She’s our muscle. She’ll do the heavy lifting for you and allow you to simply focus on the relationship. You don’t need to be the world’s greatest salesperson to build a strong and lucrative business. You just need to know how to share. And, everyone knows how to share.

The success we have had with EVIE is extraordinary. From unprecedented conversion rates to retention that surprises us every single day, we have evidence that EVIE is doing exactly what she was designed to do. She is a force multiplier and the ultimate customer and consultant acquisition tool. This means that as you share the product and opportunity through EVIE, you are strengthening connections made and building networks that, when properly nurtured can help you build and manage your business with the heavy lifting done through the application.

Take a gander at how she works

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