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With EVIE and Micro Daily, we have the perfect combination of form and function to help you build a business with products and tools you can be proud of. The icing on the cake is a lucrative and simple compensation model that provides a strong foundation for success with Engage Global. Our six simple steps through the plan quickly show you how success can be had.

  1. Daily First Order Bonus
  • Earn 20% of the purchase price on every product included in a new Customer’s initial order.
  • Earn 20% of the purchase price on every product in a new personally enrolled Consultant’s initial order, including as many of the buy-3-get-1-free product promotions they want (available only with a first order).
  1. Monthly Customer Bonus
  • When your Customers sign up for a Monthly Convenience Order (MCO), you earn 20% of the purchase price on those repeat orders month after month.  That’s true residual income!
  1. Monthly Team Bonus
  • The Engage Global Team Bonus is strategically designed so that when you do more you make more!  As you grow and build your team, person by person and level by level, the financial rewards grow in proportion – 7% through as many as 8 levels.  You reach deeper into the organization as you advance to higher ranks.
  1. Monthly True Infinity Bonus
  • Reach Rank 7 (Freedom 1) and you are eligible to start participating in the True Infinity Bonus.  This bonus offers you a volume override of 1%to 4% on all of your Organization Business Volume below the eighth level!  This may be the most powerful bonus ever offered!  Simple, but very rewarding because it leverages the efforts of an entire team … so, we’re talking big money here!
  1. Monthly Team Bonus Match
  • Match the Team Bonuses earned by your leaders starting at Rank 7 (Freedom 1) or higher, through as many as four Generations of leaders.  This is where you start multiplying your income potential!  This Bonus rewards you for reaching deep into your organization to find and develop effective leadership so that you can sustain growth and reap the rewards.
  1. Rank Advancement Bonus
  • As you and your team members achieve new ranks, you are eligible to receive a one-time cash bonus starting with Rank 3 (Engage 3) through Rank 13 (Ambassador) ranging from $100 to $300,000.  If you achieve Rank 3 within 30 days, you triple the $100.  Within 60 days, you double it. But, that’s only holds true for Rank 3.  An Enroller also gets a nice Bonus when their personally enrolled Consultants achieve Rank 3 and Rank 6.  While leadership and virtue may be their own reward, it never hurts to put some money in your pocket!

For a more detailed look at our plan, click here.

Compensation Plan