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Our daily micronutrient supplement is proven to facilitate cellular protection and repair by reducing cellular inflammation and oxidative stress. (We know. Big words.) The bottom line, these two things, cellular inflammation and oxidative stress are the biggest culprits in most modern health issues—constantly working to break your body down, starting with your most important cellular defenses. Our patent-protected Micro Daily was designed to combat them and to help you build up protections against them.

Our product story is certainly not a typical story for the supplement industry. We didn’t find a super top secret plant in a remote part of the world and discover some unnamed, but totally awesome healing power yet to be proven. We didn’t stumble upon an ancient family remedy. For us it came down to a relationship and a little something that an acquaintance shared with us. Micro Daily had proven results with the backing of the Department of Defense and a tremendous amount of evidence.

Proven to boost your body’s performance, Micro Daily also helps you truly feel like the best possible version of yourself by heping you sleep better, giving you more natural energy, helping increase your mental focus, improving your flexibility and movement, and providing an overall sense of well-being.

Micro Daily comes in convenient, easy-to-use, capsules or in a formula that can be dissolved in a bottle of water. Both options should be taken 2x a day with meals.

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